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Koel Streaming Server

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Koel Streaming Server

Koel is a personal music streaming server built on top of the Laravel PHP framework and Vue.js. The web-based interface reminds users of other popular streaming platforms, but with the added benefit of being totally customizable. Using it is as easy as it sounds; you can set up your own server, upload your music collection, and stream it anywhere with an internet connection.

Koel Streaming Server Benefits

  1. Self-hosted Freedom: One undeniable advantage of Koel is the complete control over your music. No ads, no subscription fees, just pure unadulterated music.

  2. Open-source Community: Being open-source, Koel has a thriving community that's constantly refining and expanding its features. This gives coders a chance to contribute and make the platform even better.

Koel Streaming Server Installation Guide

  1. Prerequisites:

    • A server running a UNIX-like operating system (e.g., Ubuntu).

    • PHP >= 7.3 with extensions: PDO, ctype, JSON, BCMath, fileinfo, OpenSSL, Mbstring, Tokenizer, XML, Ctype, and JSON.

    • Composer: A PHP package manager.

    • Node.js & Yarn: For assets compilation.

    • A database: MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, or SQLite.

  2. Get the Koel Source Code:

    git clone
    cd koel
    composer install
    php artisan koel:init
    • Access Koel Web Interface:

      • Open your browser and navigate to the address provided (usually

      • Use the default credentials ([email protected] / secret) to log in. Make sure to change these after your first login!

    • Optional: Set Up Reverse Proxy (e.g., with Nginx or Apache) If you want to access Koel via a domain or subdomain, set up a reverse proxy. Ensure to point it to the address where Koel is running.

For further details and insights on Koel Streaming Server, please refer to documentation.

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