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Laravel Security Enlightn Package

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Laravel Security Enlightn Package

If you're a developer working on Laravel projects, you know how important it is to optimize your application for performance and security. That's where Enlightn comes in. This powerful tool is designed specifically for Laravel developers looking to enhance their projects with advanced performance optimization features.

In this article, we'll explore the various ways in which Enlightn can help boost your Laravel applications. Additionally, Enlightn covers you from query optimizations and performance tuning to security features like scanning for dependency vulnerabilities and preventing SQL injection.

What is Enlightn

In addition to providing developers with valuable insights into their application's performance, security, and maintainability, Enlightn is an open-source Laravel package. As a result, you can identify and fix issues that may slow down your application, compromise security, or bloat up your codebase.

You can do the following with Enlightn:

  1. Improve Performance: Enlightn performs various checks to identify performance bottlenecks, such as slow database queries and inefficient code, and provides recommendations on how to improve performance.

  2. Enhance Security: Enlightn scans your application for security vulnerabilities and makes suggestions for enhancing its security, helping you adhere to best practices.

  3. Ensure Code Quality: Enlightn checks your codebase for maintainability and adherence to coding standards, which can help prevent future issues.

  4. Customizable Checks: You can easily customize checks to suit your project's needs by adding or modifying them.

Installation of Laravel Security Enlightn

Now that we are about to use Enlightn in your Laravel project, let's walk through the installation process:


  • Laravel (Laravel 7 or higher is recommended)

  • Composer installed on your system

Step 1: Install the Laravel Security Enlightn Package

Open your terminal and navigate to the root directory of your Laravel project, then run the following command:

composer require enlightn/enlightn

Step 2: Publish the Configuration File

After installing the package, you'll need to publish its configuration file. Run the following command:

php artisan vendor:publish --tag=enlightn-config

The enlightn.php configuration file will be created in your Laravel project's config directory. You can modify this file to customize Enlightn's behavior.

Step 3: Run the Enlightn Artisan Command

Using the following Artisan command, you can now run Enlightn checks on your Laravel application after installing and configuring Enlightn:

php artisan enlightn

The Enlightn team will analyze your application, and as a result, provide you with a detailed report containing recommendations for performance improvements, security vulnerabilities, and code quality enhancements.

Step 4: Review the Report

Enlightn's report appears in your terminal, presenting a summary of the checks performed, detailed information about any problems found, and suggestions for resolution.

Conclusion for Laravel Security Enlightn

In conclusion, incorporating Enlightn into your Laravel workflow provides access to invaluable tools tailored for optimizing performance. Furthermore, it enhances security in the framework. By doing so, you can stay one step ahead by proactively addressing potential issues before they become major problems.

With these powerful features at hand,
you'll have peace of mind knowing that
your Laravel projects are running efficiently
and securely—thanks to Enlightn

You’ll find installation instructions and full documentation on Enlightn

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