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Servyrun: Tool for SSH, SFTP & Database Tasks

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Servyrun: Tool for SSH, SFTP & Database Tasks

Servyrun is a self-hosted web application that utilizes React JS and Tailwind CSS for the frontend and PHP Laravel for the backend. In addition to running simple SSH and SFTP commands, Servyrun allows you to run pings between servers, download, upload, and edit files, view database tables, and run MySQLdump.

Instead of using an SSH client, you should use Servyrun to monitor, be informed, and do small tasks through the web panel rather than as your primary connection to your server.

Servyrun is a multi-user platform that stores passwords encrypted and has a comprehensive API.

Servyrun Features

  • Information about the server is stored

  • Store SSH keys

  • Run SSH commands

  • View server usage

  • Store commands

  • Store command outputs

  • Print command outputs to PDF

  • Check if IP address is up

  • Ping IP from any added server

  • Store IP addresses and get information (GEO, ASN etc).

  • Store SFTP connections.

  • Download files through SFTP.

  • Upload files through SFTP.

  • View files through SFTP.

  • Move files between SFTP connections.

  • Edit (smaller) files.

  • Store/View information about databases, tables and columns.

  • MySQL and SQLite compatible

For further details and insights on this package, please refer to documentation.

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