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Tinkerun: A Tinkerwell Alternative

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Tinkerun: A Tinkerwell Alternative

Tinkerun is a simplifed version of Tinkerwell and offers basic features for laravel development. t is a PHP code runner for Windows, macOS and Linux that allows you to immediately run PHP code.

Tinkerun Features

  • Connections: Quick connect to your app either locally, in production or in docker container etc.

  • Snippets: Manage the code snippets you have ran;

  • Editor: Run your terminal code via editor;

  • Output: Focus on the results you really care that terminal return;

  • Snippet Form: Switch the editor to the form, so that you can modify your variable value via form, like an admin panel.

Running it locally


Note: On Windows, you might need to install Bash commands (e.g. via git-scm or via linux bash shell)

How to run

[email protected]:tinkerun/tinkerun.git

cd tinkerun


yarn start

Alternatives to yarn start

# start the main process
yarn start:main

# start the renderer process
yarn start:renderer

You can check and download it from here

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