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Livewire Powergrid DataTables

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Livewire Laravel
Livewire Powergrid DataTables

Livewire PowerGrid DataTables creates modern, powerful and easy to customize Datatables based on Laravel Livewire library.

Zero Configuration: Tables have basic features activated by default.

It fits your needs: Extend and customize your table including components (checkbox, action buttons, editable fields), global search feature, column data filters and data export tool.

Full Stubs: Table components include feature examples. Just uncomment some code, enter your data, and it works!

Livewire Powergrid DataTables Features

With PowerGrid you get right out of the box:

  • Filters & Search

  • Column Sorting

  • Column Sum, Count & Average in Header/Footer

  • Pagination

  • Action Checkboxes

  • Action Buttons

  • Bulk Actions

  • Action Rules: Conditionally disable, hide and modify Action Buttons, Checkboxes and rows

  • Toggle button

  • Click to edit

  • Responsive

  • Link inside a table cell

  • Livewire Modal Integration (Wire Elements Modal)

  • Data Export to XLSX/CSV (OpenSpout)

  • Queue Export for large tables

  • Works with Bootstrap 5 or Tailwind CSS 3x

Complete Documentation for Powergrid can be found at Github Powergrid

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