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MailCarrier: Email Design Management

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MailCarrier: Email Design Management

With MailCarrier, you can design emails with a powerful template engine, send them through powerful APIs, and collect logs of already sent emails. It ships with authorization out-of-the-box.

MailCarrier Benefits:

  • Open Source: 100% open and free, powered by the community.

  • ? Beautiful syntax: With Twig by Symfony, you can explore a beautiful, robust, and expressive template syntax.

  • ? Provider aware: Use your favorite email provider, such as Amazon SES, MailGun, SendGrid, etc.

  • ✨ Friendly APIs: To send emails, use an API endpoint that is friendly and well documented.

  • ?Secure by default: Authentication and API endpoints are always secure: use pre-built authentication systems or bring your own.

  • ? Attachments: Files can be uploaded or fetched from a remote source, such as S3, Spaces, etc.

  • Background Jobs: In order to avoid blocking the user experience, you can choose whether or not emails should be sent as enqueued, background jobs.

  • ? MJML integration (coming soon): Design responsive emails quickly thanks to MJML framework.


  • PHP - 8.1 or higher.

  • Composer - The PHP dependency manager.

  • Database - Could be MySQL, PostgreSQL or whatever you like.

MailCarrier Installation

1. Run the Setup Wizard

Run the following command in your terminal to start our handy install wizard.

curl "" | bash

It will clone a fresh Laravel application in a folder named mailcarrier, install MailCarrier and the needed dependencies.

2. Setup your database

Once the first setup is over, go and edit your .env file inside your brand new mailcarrier application and edit the database environment variables according, for example:


3. Complete your installation

Inside your terminal run the last command to complete the process:

php artisan mailcarrier:install

It will install the dashboard and let you choose how would you like to authenticate your users.

4. Run MailCarrier

Inside your terminal run this command to spawn a web server for MailCarrier:

php artisan serve

Now open your browser, navigate to and have fun!

Complete Documentation is available at

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