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Enhancing Account Security With User Browser Session Laravel Package

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Enhancing Account Security With User Browser Session Laravel Package

In an era where online security is paramount, managing active browser sessions has become a necessity. The User browser session Laravel package steps into this domain, offering users a simple method to monitor and manage their active browser sessions.

With this package, users can easily view the devices they are logged into, providing a transparent overview of account activity. The real power is its ability to terminate unrecognized or all sessions, significantly enhancing account security.

Installation Steps:

  1. Navigate to your Laravel project directory in the terminal.

  2. Run the command composer require cjmellor/browser-sessions.

  3. Publish the package's configuration and migration files with
    php artisan vendor:publish --provider="CJMellor\BrowserSessions\BrowserSessionsServiceProvider".

  4. Run php artisan migrate to create the necessary database tables.

  5. Finally, include the BrowserSessions trait in your User model.


  • Enhanced Security: By offering the option to terminate unrecognized sessions, users gain a stronger hold over their account security.

  • Transparency: Users can view all active sessions, providing clear insight into account usage.

  • Ease of Use: The package integrates seamlessly with Laravel, making it a breeze for developers to implement.

The User browser session package is a robust tool for anyone looking to bolster their online security, while also enjoying a user-friendly interface. Its focus on transparency and control makes it a stand-out option for Laravel developers aiming to bring a greater level of security to their projects.

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