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BoltSQL: Fast Database Client

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BoltSQL: Fast Database Client

Are you in search of a powerful SQL tool that can streamline your database management tasks? Look no further than BoltSQL! In this blog post, we will explore the features and benefits of BoltSQL, a fast and beautiful database client. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced developer, finding the right SQL tools is crucial for enhancing your skills and productivity.

Bolt SQL uses end-to-end encryption to encrypt your credentials as well as being tracking-free (no third-party analytics).

BoltSQL Features

Friendly GUI tool, blazing fast, and tracking-free

We cherry-picked the most frequent features and made them easy to access. Our top priorities are performance, security, and privacy (no analytics framework).

Real-time collaboration

Bolt SQL supports real-time collaboration so you and your team can work together!

Shared workspaces

Sync and your data on all devices, so you can work everywhere. Bolt SQL uses end-to-end encryption, no one has access to it without the private key.

Customizable appearance

Need a dark theme? You don’t need to go for Mojave, Bolt SQL has it all.

You can customize the appearance & configurations that best match your personal taste.

Up coming features next month!

1. Integrate chatGPT and other LLMs and improve the auto suggestion.

2. Support more charts and dashboard builder.

3. Support advanced filters for table view.

4. Add table structure/index/foreign key editor.

5. Support more database drivers (DuckDB, Redis, etc...)

Checkout BoltSQL

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